Friday, January 18, 2013

Let's Stay Connected!

Hello Everyone!
I'm writing this post because I want to stay connected with you!
So here is a little info that may be helpful!  :)
You may have heard talk in "Facebook Land"  about Policy Changes for Page Owners that restrict the number of viewers who actually see our posts.  Facebook is wanting Page Owners to pay for a bigger audience to see our posts, so they do not put our posts in all of our Fans' newsfeed!
I have noticed a big decrease in the number of Fans who actually get to see the posts we make!
So, to ensure that you are getting all our posts in your newsfeed, simply:
Click the LIKE/LIKED button, then click the GET NOTIFICATIONS and SHOW IN NEWSFEED buttons and/or ADD TO INTEREST LIST button! (SEE PHOTO BELOW)
Hopefully this will help!

Most my posts are done thru Facebook and on my THIS Blog.
At the top under my buttons row, there is a box with:  FOLLOW BY EMAIL above it.
If you plug your email address in there,  my Blog will automatically email you anytime I post Craft Kits, Specials, Coupons, ect. ect...
I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year and I hope to stay connected with you all!!
I appreciate all the loyal fans we have out there who make crafting and decorating a fun "job"! Have a wonderful Day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentines Day Craft Kits


I have 2 Craft Kits for you this month!
First come first serve!
I only have:
22 Love Signs Available and
30 Happy Valentines Blocks Available!

Email me to order!

Kit comes with:
-Wood ready to hang with rope
-White Vinyl Lettering
-Instructions: HERE
(add $10.00 if you want it finished)
22 Available!
But you can buy the VINYL ONLY
for just $4.00

The Wood you will get for this Board is a
Christmas Sign I picked up at the Dollar Store!
Just flip it over and paint the back side any color you want!
I think Pink, Red, Purple or Black would look cute
with the White Vinyl Lettering!

*Happy Valentines Blocks with Heart*
Kit comes with:
-2 Blocks
-Wooden Heart
-Paper for heart
-white ribbon
-White Vinyl Lettering
-Instructions:  Here
(add $10.00 if you want it finished)
30 Available!
But you can buy the
Vinyl Only for: $4.00

These are Super Cute for
Valentines Day!

Instructions to make both these
Craft Kits are posted:


Happy Crafting!

I'll Be Back SOON!!!....

Hello Everyone!
So here's the deal...
I opened up last Monday from the long Holiday Break, BUT...
The last week has gone like this:
-ER visit with daughter! (She's fine)
-Wisdom Teeth out for me, which took me days to feel good since the meds were making me SICK.  I didn't realize it hurt so much to get wisdom teet out!  I developed a dry socket, so maybe thats why!
-Well then today, the day I was going to sit down and email everyone and start cutting orders, my computer is down!  My hubby is out today buying some part we need and is going to try and fix it tonight!
-Oh, and I had 2 blades break on me this week on my Vinyl Cutter which has never happened before!!!
 So, as you can see, its been a rough start trying to get back open for the New Year!
I apologize for any unanswered emails, I am trying my best to get back up and running!
Today is the first day I have felt good enough since all my dental work to jump back into the swing of things and I'm stuck with no computer!  I am using my husbands laptop today, but it is not connected to my Vinyl Cutter!  :(
The good news is.......
I have put together a couple CUTE Valentine's Day kits I planned on posting today, but will have to wait untill I can get a working computer!  Stay tuned for the adorable kits coming this week and possibly a coupon for my dissappearance the last month! ha ha!!  ;)
In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of what is to come this week...
Thanks for all the support!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013!
I hope you all had a wonderful
Christmas and New Years.
We are now officially back to work cutting vinyl orders and designing craft kits!
Happy New Years!!!!