Friday, September 28, 2012

News from My Talking Walls...

You may have seen me posting things from "Stacey" lately.
Well let me just introduce... STACEY to you all!!  :)

Stacey is my Baby Sister who has decided to come help me out with My Talking Walls!
Stacey lives in Twin Falls so we will have a cutter running here in Boise and in our Home Town of
Twin Falls, Id.!!
Stacey is married and has a sweet little baby boy. 
She likes to make crafts so she will be making finished product to sell, helping me with Monthly Craft Kits and Custom Vinyl Orders as well.
Stacey helped out at The Harvest Time Festival at CSI last year making crafts and running the booth with us.
Although we have decided not to participate in the Harvest Time Festival this year,
( I know, kinda sad.... I've done it for the past 7 years!!!)
We will still be offering Crafts, Custom Vinyl Specials, Monthly Craft Kits, ect. ect. 
We just felt that if we took that Show off our plates, we would have more time and energy to focus on our Family, our Custom Orders and Monthly Crafts and Kits Online.
I loved doing the show at CSI in Twin Falls, but it is a lot of work at our busiest time, right around all the fun Holidays. 
I feel good about my choice of focusing more on the custom orders that come in and spending more time with my Family during such a hectic time of year anyways!  ;)
Stacey and I have talked about possibly doing an Open House next Fall in Twin Falls and in Boise.
We will post more info on that next year.
We Welcome Stacey to the My Talking Walls Team and hope to continue providing everyone with fun Vinyl Projects!
I thank all of you for supporing My Talking Walls over the past 7 years and hope to continue working with you in the future!
And to show how much we LOVE our customers, we want to give you this 25% OFF code to use on your next Custom Vinyl Lettering Order!
expires 12/31/12
(good on vinyl purchases only, not crafts and kits)

Stacey & I in Hawaii last year!  ;)
Happy Fall!